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Featured Luxor Hotels in Brazil

1. Luxor Airport Hotel

luxor airport hotel
Located on the 3rd floor of Terminal 1 at the Rio de Janeiro International Airport
, a few steps from the departures and arrivals levels.

Ideal for connecting flights, a meeting set in a strategic location or the unforeseen of a delay or wait longer.

Luxor Airport Hotel
International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, 3rd floor / Sector B
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Brazil – CEP 21941-570

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2. Luxor Piaui Hotel

Luxor Piaui Hotel
Located in the commercial center of Teresina, Piauí Luxor is close to the Amparo Church, in Marechal Deodoro Square, one of the best spots in town. The distance to the airport is 5 kilometers.

Reception and Lobby
A large, relaxed and modern decor is at your disposal for reading or to receive their guests.


Luxor Piaui Hotel
Plaza Marechal Deodoro 310
Teresina – PI

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3. Luxor Ouro Preto Pousada


Luxor Ouro Preto Pousada is located in the historic city center, near the Tiradentes

How Avis Coupon Codes Can Enhance A Trip to Barcelona

barcelona spain

The old city of Barcelona is nestled along the Mediterranean in northeastern Spain, and it’s a city that is regarded as one of the most vibrant in not only in Europe, but in the entire world.

Barcelona offers two kinds of experiences: quaint and cultured, and energetic and intoxicating. And you can certainly find the best of both worlds in just a single day in Barcelona!

This article will cover some important things you need to know for the most authentic and lively Catalan experience you can’t find anywhere else.

How to dress and get around in Barcelona

avis coupon codes - barcelonaBarcelona is a warm, Mediterranean climate, no doubt. Summers are dry and the winters are humid. Chances are you won’t need a winter coat here, but if you visit in the wintertime, be prepared for some chillier weather.

The busiest time to visit Barcelona, like most European cities, is in August. Peak temperatures scorch the city in August, but the days cool down as autumn rolls around. There will be less tourists on the streets after August, but no matter the time of year, Barcelona is always bustling.

The beach is a huge reason why people travel to Barcelona, so bring your …

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