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Q: What’s the difference between Luxor hotels in Brazil and the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas?

A: Everything. These companies exist in two different countries and speak two different languages. Our objective is to give English-speaking travellers a guide to learn about these hotels and how to book them. We aren’t the official website, nor are we affiliate with them in any way.

Q:Why Did You Make This Guide?
A: We were finding it difficult to research these hotels in any meaningful way. Most websites are in Portugese (the national language of Brazil), and the ‘Google translate’ versions of these websites were quite un-readable.

Q:Are You Doing Anything for the Upcoming Olympics in Brazil?
A: Again, we’re only a guide for the hotels. But we imagine that the hotels will have promotional pricing for all tourists and media visiting Rio. By ‘promotional pricing, we mean that it’s likely going to be five-times more expensive.